Balloon Traveller is a simple one-touch mobile game for Android. The player controls a hot-air-balloon and tries to travel as far as possible by piloting the balloon into areas with wind. The wind carries the balloon further, enabling the player to travel.
Such a voyage is not only exciting but also dangerous. Mountains, Storms, Volcanoes and more will end every balloon adventure very fast.
The Levels become increasingly difficult and challenge the player to travel as careful as possible.

The first 3 levels are free-to-play. You can purchase the additional 9 levels in the app.

Features are:

  • One-touch controls
  • Different areas of wind carrying the balloon through the level
  • Simple 2D-design
  • Handcrafted levels in different environments
  • Various challenging obstacles
  • Earning bronze, silver or gold medals

Balloon Traveller is out now for Android: Play-Store

Find the Trailer on Youtube!

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